No Job Too Big or Too Small

About Man For The Job

I tend not to specialise in any specific trade, rather to specialise in being a “one-stop-shop” for all trades in all circumstances.When I say “any job”, I mean just that. Whether it’s just a wall you need skim plastering, a complete end-to-end building, conversion, or even a few trees you need felling/logging, I do the lot…Seriously!

As you can see from my portfolio, I have a huge range of skills and works completed – I even design and construct sets and props for a local theatre company (just in case you were wondering where the baby grand comes from)!

The work I do is also my hobby! – a bit sad some would say, but that’s why I don’t specialise in one specific trade. I love the variety of my work, and addressing some of the challenges it sometimes poses is a big bonus.

Above all, the satisfaction of seeing a customer’s smiley satisfied face at the end of a job is my greatest driver – not the money!

All work is done is completed to the highest levels of workmanship and quality, ensuring that all applicable regulatory standards are met. I liaise with all regulatory bodies, from planning to building control to ensure full sign-off at the end of the job.

Baby Grand Piano

Work Mix, Scheduling & Working Ethos

As I often work alone, and bearing in-mind my desire to retain variety in my working life, I generally have a small number of large contracts running around which I schedule smaller works. My diary is fully maintained, ensuring that all work taken on is scheduled so that no delays occur to any contract due to over-commitment.

This means that if I give you a start and finish date, rarely, baring illness does my schedule change, so you can plan your work with confidence!

Use of Contractors

Usually, work is planned and executed, ensuring as far as possible that the use of external contractors is not required. This being said however, on the odd occasion, due to scheduling and contract timescales, it will be necessary to draw upon the services of other contractors. In such cases, I only use approved and personally vetted companies/individuals who are as passionate about quality and customer satisfaction as me.


Money isn’t my sole driver, as my work is also my hobby!

That being said, it pays the bills, so I have to ensure the right balance between competitive trading and “keeping the wolves from the door”.

This means that when compared to many other traders, I am often found to be far cheaper without compromising quality and service.

Most of my work currently comes through repeat business and referral which I think speaks volumes about customer satisfaction on quality, pricing and service.